Staying Consistent on Instagram with Lauren Hooper

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In this episode, we interview Lauren Hooper of Lauren-Likes.

Lauren is a creative, traveler, and storyteller. If you’re an artist who likes to work in multiple mediums, you’ll love learning about Lauren’s works in tapestry weaving and clay art. She’s also a passionate photographer and she teaches photography for artists & storytellers online with her brand, Lauren-Likes. This is an interview we know you’re going to love for so many reasons including our chats about self motivation & defining how you are going to share your authentic online self.

Not only is Lauren full of inspiration & we love how open she is about her process, but she's sharing a special discount code with our listeners for her products!

**Use the code studiosisters on any of Lauren's courses or in her Etsy shop for 10% off!**

Listen here:

In the podcast, we talk about:

-Lauren's online courses

-Her podcast, How She Creates

- How Lauren stays consistent & motivated on Instagram

- How to decide what to share & what not to share

-Her tools & processes for posting on Instagram

- Lauren launched her handmade jewelry on Etsy in 2020

-Her new Inspiration Journals to help you keep track of all your ideas & STAY FOCUSED (We're SO excited about these!)

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Talk soon friends!

xx Taylor & Katie xx