13 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut

On this week's podcast episode, we’re talking about how to get unstuck when you can't seem to create something.

Have you ever felt stuck in your creative process or you just sit down to make something and nothing happens?

It happens to us sometimes, but I’ve tried different ways to get past it and that’s why we're sharing 13 ways to break through your creative block in this podcast episode. this podcast, we're announcing Katie's FREE Creative Block Challenge.

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One of our passions is helping other artists make their own beautiful art. ​ However there is this thing called art block that happens to us all, yes, even us, even all of your favorite artists throughout history. I know how it is: You see so many of your friends or inspirations posting gorgeous art on instagram everyday, but then when you sit down at your desk, You've got nothing. The inspiration gods didn't visit you today. I've totally been there. ​ I decided to create this mini challenge to help you past that creative block and to make something fun while you're at it.

how to get past creative block

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